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WhatsApp is working on a new function with which users can contact the messenger support directly from the app. So far, the Facebook subsidiary has been difficult to reach directly for customers.
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The new communication channel is currently only available to a select few testers.

WhatsApp is apparently currently developing a new function. This enables users to contact the messenger’s support directly from WhatsApp.
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A separate chat is opened for this purpose, which disappears again after the matter has been dealt with.

This feature is currently only available for a select few testers of the beta, which is also only distributed to Android users. It is not clear if and when WhatsApp will roll out this feature for all users on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp often tests new functions for Android users

WhatsApp is currently rather difficult for customers to reach: Messenger, which is part of Facebook, occasionally posts various marginal facts on Twitter, but the customer has no direct contact option. New features are often first tried out and perfected in the beta for Android.

Most recently, WhatsApp made the desktop implementation WhatsApp Web fit for video calls, although currently not yet for groups like us in one previous message had reported. A little later, the system requirements were on iOS 10 and higher changed, which means that the old iPhone 4s will soon no longer be able to run WhatsApp.

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