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Why is My iPhone Not Sending Messages? An Easy-to-Read Guide

iPhone is not sending text messages

Even in today’s world which has turned out to be digital, the whole idea of sending or receiving messages seems alien to this new tech growing world. People still prefer SMSing. Not ideal, it does have its drawbacks. But, it is more reliable and will always be safer to use. If nothing, then at least safer than the internet texts and messages. But, what if sometimes, it dries out, you need a message and suddenly your iPhone is not sending messages. The only reason when the iPhone is not sending text messages can be the network issue. But, what if the network is not the problem?

To know what is the problem, and to continue messaging on SMS, keep scrolling till the end. As in this article, we will show you how to get out of this trap where you are helpless and unable to send text messages to iPhone or Android.

Fix iPhone is Not Sending Text Messages

Connect to a Network

The basic method is to make sure you are connected to a proper network. To do that, check your signal and internet status. And then start sending the messages. 

Switch on/Off Aeroplane Mode

This is another easiest method to work it out with iPhone messages. Just scroll down the screen and turn off your Airplane more, wait for ten seconds and then turn on your Airplane mode. With this method, you will be able to resolve the message services. 

Check Contact details 

You should also check and keep in mind whether the person who is at the receiving end, has changed their contact  details or messaging service numbers. If so you need to ask them for the latest active number and try sending a message again. 

Restart the Messaging 

Another one would be to restart your Messaging services. You just need to turn off your Messages and then try to turn it on. After that use your message services. 

Restart iPhone 

Sometimes, there is an unrecognised or glitch and if that is the case, the best way is to restart your device, Turn off your iPhone, wait for ten minutes and then turn it on. 

iMessage System Status 

Is your iMessage not working? Sometimes your iMessage can show delayed services or might stop working if that is the case. 

Check SMS Supporter

This method will help you to check your SMS carrier by which you can figure out if the carrier is still in use, or if you need another one.

Switch on to Group messages 

In case you are sending group messages and are unable to do so, you need to turn on the Group messaging services.  to support these features. To do so, go to

Settings>Messages>SMS/MMS> turn on the group messaging 

Check for iMessage Reactivation

There can be times when your iMessage services have been switched off by mistake or by network issues. If so, just go to

Settings>Messages>iMessage>Switch on by swiping to green

Network Settings Reset

Just check for your network and see if your connected network is promising and is working by browsing something on the google search engine and if it is still not working, you might have to work for some time.

In case the above-listed methods fail to face, you do need to rush or worry about anything, as we got you covered. There are 2 extra methods, which you can easily, anywhere. The first one is to Update iOS, maybe you are using an older version of iOS services. And that can directly appear in your message performance. To improve that, just update your device and take backups. 

The last resort is to contact customer care services. You can get in touch with the Apple Store Appointment, set up a convenient time and talk directly to the executives.

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