Why is the Xbox Series XS one of the most anticipated devices of 2021?

Why is the Xbox Series XS one of the most anticipated devices of 2021?

Xbox Series XS is incredibly long awaited and has already started to be sold in some places around the world, but is still very difficult to get hold of. Players have been longing for a new version of the Xbox for many years, and now it’s finally time for them to get test a new version of the device they love and use on a regular basis. There are also many other reasons why players can not afford to test Microsoft new console, for example that it offers new functionality, better performance and graphics.

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3 reasons why the Xbox Series XS is so long awaited

Here are 3 reasons why the Xbox Series XS is so long awaited:

  • Xbox previous versions have created a huge interest. Xbox shares with Playstation the bulk of the pie in the video game market. Millions of people around the world use Microsoft’s gaming devices on a daily basis, and can barely recover from finally testing a new version. Xbox has been around since 2001 and only delivers 3 different versions so far, and now they are releasing a brand new version that is better than ever.
  • It’s been a long time since the latest version of Xbox was released. Since 2001, Microsoft has only released 3 different versions of the Xbox with an average interval of 5 years. It’s now 3 years since the latest version of the Xbox was released, but gamers think they’ve been waiting long enough and are extremely eager to try out the new console.
  • Players want access to all new features. For each version of Xbox that Microsoft has delivered, they have added new functionality and better performance. This is of course a fact with their latest Xbox Series XS console. Here, players get access to better graphics and performance than before, and also get access to new features.

The Xbox Series XS is actually a series with two separate devices, namely the Xbox X and Xbox S. These are slightly different from each other where the X is slightly better, but also slightly more expensive. The consoles will be slightly more expensive than previous variants, but many stores that sell these units have partnerships with many Swedish lenders, thus funding will be available.

Xbox Series XS vs Playstation 5

Xbox Series XS or Playstation 5? That’s the big question. However, this is a difficult question. The units contribute with very similar experiences, but there are some minor differences that differentiate them, such as the size of the box.

The big reason why some players choose the Xbox while others choose the Playstation is personal preferences and opinions. Most are loyal to one and the same manufacturer and have been for a very long time. The consoles offer basically the same performance and graphics, and have an almost identical range of games. The main difference is their own stores and what other devices and software can be connected to the devices.

An item buyer will thus not notice any major differences, if any at all.


It’s been 3 years since Microsoft released their latest console. Players have been longing for a new version for several years, and now it’s finally time for the launch of the Xbox Series XS. The console contributes with better performance, graphics and functionality than has ever been offered in the gaming market, which is one of the reasons why so many people want to get their hands on the gaming device. The console has already been released in most places around the world, but sold out immediately. Players are now waiting for the next delivery to arrive, while a few lucky ones have already tested what the device has to offer.

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