Why is YouTube called a great social media platform?

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YouTube is currently the largest and best video sharing platform on social media. We know that Google is the second largest search engine and YouTube is the second largest search engine. People who spend a lot of time on social media and spend most of their time on social media have to use social media platforms in one way or another every day. Of these, YouTube is the most effective social media platform.  Although YouTube was not very popular at first, now it is gaining popularity day by day due to which the number of its users is also increasing day by day.

But do you know why YouTube is called the best social media platform? There are several reasons why YouTube is the best and most popular platform that I will discuss with you today:

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with more than 100 hours of video being uploaded and shared every minute, making it the world’s largest video sharing platform. You may be surprised to learn that according to a Pew Research Center survey, the majority of American adults use YouTube more on their phones than Facebook online.  There is currently a 73% increase in the number of YouTube users. A special reason for its popularity is that the platform can be used by listeners as one of the best means of communication with a large group of listeners. The reason this platform is the best is because it helps to improve one’s search engine optimization.  Today, most people prefer to watch a video to understand and learn about a topic, which is why video accounts for about 74% of all online traffic today. Videos related to various content on social media are regularly viewed by people and shared on social media platforms so that everyone can watch. Most of the videos online are shared by people through Youtube with good descriptions, titles and tags.  As a result, YouTube is the second largest search engine, improving people’s search engine rankings through YouTube. Moreover, people get entertainment by watching videos on YouTube and can also learn new things. Videos on almost all content are available on YouTube, making it a popular choice for everyone from young to old. Moreover, YouTube organizes the talents presented by the people.  Those who make interesting videos through their talents on YouTube, YouTube offers them various things including money, as a result of which people are more interested in YouTube.

YouTube builds a community on social media.  People who make videos on Youtube are professionally called Youtube creators.  YouTube itself takes care of these creators, and they indulge, and chat with other creators and help build a community together that’s really great. YouTube is also a great way to market on social media. Those who have a huge number of subscribers on YouTube can usually do YouTube marketing. If you have a youtube channel and you want to do marketing on youtube, but if your channel does not have enough subscribers then you buy youtube subscribers buy cheap from various organic youtube subscriber seller sites online.

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