Why need digital marketing training?

Understand new uses, use new tools, get up to date, update your skills there are many reasons to train in digital marketing.

What are your training needs?

To begin, let’s go back to what digital marketing is. In my opinion, there are two parts:

What is visible and has an impact on the company,

The back office corresponds to everything that happens behind thanks to the data collected in the tools put in place.

Knowing what to train in digital marketing corresponds to the first step: defining your digital marketing training needs.

What is seen and what is hidden

In the front office, we will find the different segments that make up the digital strategy as well as your objective. Let’s admit that your project includes an internal site, this one will be a central element of the strategy that you wish to carry out. You should therefore ask yourself a number of questions:

Do you need a showcase or e-commerce site?

What will be your sales model: via your e-commerce site or on marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, A little Market?

Realization of the site:  Do I do it internally or do I have it done? By whom how?

 Are you going to use natural or paid to reference?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – we are talking about natural referencing, from articles, videos, and other media that you have created and which will generate views, links to your site. This will then be visible and seen by Google. The more you are seen, the better you are referenced. It is natural and free but also takes more time.

SEA or Search Engine Advertising this is ads that you will place on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It’s advertising. In summary: SEA + SEO = SEM.

What will be your method of communicating? Are you going to set up content marketing / Content Marketing: everything that talks about you, your company, your services, your sector of activity?. This can take different forms as mentioned above. Depending on the product, the sector, certain formats will be in video images, other texts, etc. The more content and recurrence there is, the more likely they will be to attract prospects.

How to make your company visible?

Different methods exist, here again it is interesting to think about them:

How to advertise online in the form of banners or ads on sites these always link to your site. The Google networks in particular provide good tools and tutorials.

How to use social networks as a pro? To be visible, active, to create and animate a community on different sites according to its target. A company that sells in B2B (Business to Business), will not necessarily be present on the same social networks as a company in B2C (Business to Customer)

Twitter is identified as a tool for monitoring and disseminating information

Linkedin is a professional networking site on which it is advisable to be present, visible and to speak up in order to show your expertise,

Facebook a social and community animation platform,

Pinterest and Instagram allow you to tell stories in pictures,

Youtube to have its own channel to broadcast its own videos,

snapchat to broadcast a message with an image, in a very short time, and which does not remain.

E-reputation and brand management everything that is said about you on the web will have an impact on your reputation…and on your sales. The power of the Consumer Opinion becomes fundamental points. . Be vigilant and put in place tools to know what is being said.

Training in digital marketing: tools, analysis, strategy?

All this is intended to promote your business on the internet, make it known, and bring in prospects. For this, an Inbound Marketing strategy (we take out the information to attract), then Marketing Automation (follow the contacts attracted and then convert them), can be put in place to process the information collected, with in particular the number of subscribers. To your newsletter, visits to your site, online purchases, etc.

These figures will be studied in the analytical monitoring tools (audience, acquisition, conversion behavior) in order to refine the procedures. All this generates data, which will be processed in the back office.

All of this data includes big data. They are stored in different parts of the information system: ERP, e-commerce module, CRM…and generate large volumes. What to do with all that data is another matter.

The development of the website, applications, the links between all the modules requires different departments to work together: marketing, IT, and trade.

What are your options for training in digital marketing?

Based on this observation, and knowing that you want to train in digital marketing, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

Where can I train in digital marketing myself?

And how: what format etc

Where can I find qualifying training in this field?

It is relatively easy to find a Digital marketing institute in Lahore, whether free or paid. It’s already a little more complicated to find good training that gives you real information while being really usable. Of course, if you live in a big city, there is a good chance that you will find a school or a center to do your face-to-face training. Alas, not everyone lives in a metropolis.

Here is the solution to follow a distance seocottage, which will allow you to obtain a diploma recognized by the State. This is the seocottage. You will have 4 online training courses 100% in E-learning.

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