Why People Bycott For Pathan Movie

Why People Bycott For Pathan Movie


  • Begin the blog by introducing the topic of the boycott of the movie “Pathan” by some people.
  • Provide a brief background on the movie, its cast, and crew.
  • Mention that the movie is facing boycott calls from some people on social media.

Reasons for Boycott

  • Explain the reasons behind the boycott calls, such as allegations of promoting a certain religion or political agenda, or the involvement of certain individuals or groups in the production of the movie.
  • Provide examples and quotes from social media posts and statements from those calling for the boycott to give readers a sense of the arguments being made.

Impact on the Movie

  • Discuss the potential impact of the boycott on the movie’s box office performance and overall reception.
  • Explain that some people believe that the boycott could hurt the movie’s success, while others argue that it could generate more interest and curiosity among movie-goers.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

  • Address the broader issues of freedom of speech and expression that the boycott raises.
  • Explain that some people argue that calls for a boycott are an infringement on the right to free speech, while others argue that it is a form of peaceful protest.


  • Summarize the key points of the blog and explain the reasons why some people are boycotting the movie “Pathan
  • Mention that it is important for individuals to make their own informed decision about whether or not to see the movie, and it is also important to respect the rights of others to express their opinions and take action in line with their beliefs.

Note: The above blog is fictional and I don’t have any information about any recent calls for boycott of any movie named ‘Pathan’ kindly take this into consideration.

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