Why Should an Author opt for Book Video Trailer – Top Eight Reasons to Have It

Book Video Trailer

No one can deny the power of visuals and imagery. More and more fields starting to rely upon different channels of visuals for brand prominence. So is the case with literature. Audiobooks overcoming paperbacks and hardcopy versions of books, and people switching to eBooks – now one other medium is book video trailer. It is a profile-raising video that specifies the narrative of a book in an astute manner. In simple words: it reveals a few components to entice the audience and veil other important material to not give away too much information. The author can aim to tease the booklovers and in general the audience.

Book Writing Lane conducted some surveys which suggested some years ago book video trailer was not a famous concept. However, now many authors, publishing houses, and notable literature giants opt for it. The research also exposes it is an effective method in comparison to others when it comes to publicizing a book. Here are a few reasons why should an author opt for a book video trailer.

If you are wondering why a book video trailer? Here are the top eight reasons to have it.

1. Book Video Trailer Have a Strong Appeal

96% of consumers see videos helpful when about to make a purchase. With as many as 92.6% claiming that visuals are the most believable factor concluding their choices. An attention-getting book trailer for advertising help to connect with more shoppers and persuade them to proceed with buying.

2. Video Trailers Have Strong Online Presence

In the present era, much of the shopping experience takes place online. Book Video Trailers are easy to share on social media. Specifically on the microblogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+. It gives a book reach to a possibly infinite audience.

3. Book Video Trailer Enthrall Potential Readers

The choice of whether or not to get a book can be decided in mere seconds. A short, unforgettable book trailer featuring an absorbing narrative wins the likely bookworms and gets them excited about obtaining a book. Book video trailer is an ideal way to enthrall budding readers.

4. Book Video Trailer is a Popular Type of Content

Book video trailer lets you take benefit of the acceptance of video format among masses as it continues to be an extremely common category of content. 55% of individuals watch videos which is one of the highest consumptions among all kinds of content. Thus, it makes sense to involve probable readers via this medium.

5. Book Video Trailer Form Author Credibility

It shapes the credibility of an author and allows one to connect with readers. It not only presents the work but also showcases the personality and introduces your different perspective from the myriad of writers. Plus, readers get the impression that this author has a great story to say.

6. Video Trailer Allow to Reach Wider Audience

Four times as many customers prefer to watch a video regarding a product instead of reading about it. Videos are naturally easy to share and consume. As a consequence, choosing a book trailer for book marketing give prospective readers a simple and fun way to know what a book is about.

7. Book Video Trailer Increase the Exposure

4 out of 5 millennials globally ponder on video content before making a purchase verdict. Moreover, facts claim 43% of individuals want to view video content from sellers in near future. This alone states a lot about the selecting video trailer as it upsurges exposure of book and author.

8. Book Video Trailer Leave Lasting Impressions

Book trailers merge audio and visual parts to give a complete sensory experience in contrast to text and graphics. A book video trailer has the potential to leave a lasting impression on spectators. It assists a book to stand out from others in an effective manner. The audience generally finds it more appealing and remembers to consider your book when looking to pick their next reads.


A good book video trailer, uses the format of video to introduce the main character, plot, and general tone of the book. Book video trailer at its core is about engaging people who read the book and getting them acquainted to the point of developing an interest in the book. It can be highly influential to boost fame among the literati community and sell more books if done right.

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