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Will iPhones have to be cooled more expensively in the future?

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Apple may have to resort to more aggressive cooling for its iPhone in the future: it could be so far in two years: the processor would then produce so much heat that conventional passive cooling is no longer sufficient. Other manufacturers are already relying on innovative approaches.

In the future, Apple may also have to break new ground when it comes to cooling its smartphones, which will also work notes by analysts at TF International Securities. It states that Apple may be using an iPhone in 2022 that will use a so-called vapor chamber setup to dissipate the heat from the components. The sticking point here is the SoC: The integrated unit, which contains the CPU, GPU and Neural Engine, will be significantly more powerful in future versions and will therefore also generate more heat.

New cooling for future Pro models

Apple will initially rely on these new concepts for cooling its iPhones, especially for the Pro models, which will come onto the market from 2022, it is said. Other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG are already using innovative cooling concepts, and Android systems traditionally require more powerful processors in order to be able to provide maximum performance. 5G as well as sophisticated AR or graphics applications could drive the need for high performance in the future, but it should be said that there is still a lack of killer applications in the AR area. The current Apple processors of the A-series A14 and its predecessor A13 should also have years of power reserves for almost all current applications.

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