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Windows 10 KB5003690 fixes gamers / graphics issues

Microsoft has released the update KB5003690 for Windows 10. Among the more notable news, we find several fixes that solve a variety of graphics problems that have affected gamers worldwide.


  • A permanent (we hope) on many graphics problems
  • Solves problems that came with KB5000842
  • Ready to install on your Windows 10 computer today

KB5003690 fixes issues introduced by KB5000842

The big news with KB5003690 is that the update fixes graphic difficulties and problems introduced with KB5000842 – an update that gave gamers such great challenges that graphics card maker Nvidia was forced to react.

After KB5000842 was released, gamers noticed that games ran at lower fps (frame rate), that the graphics started to jerk, and that many games got a sense of lag in graphics and motion.

Nvidia issued an announcement that affected people would uninstall KB5001330 which was part of the update package that KB5000842 was.

Microsoft has released a panic fix for KB5000842 before, but with the latest KB5003690 we get a more permanent and complete solution.

Several other minor fixes and optimizations with KB5003690

  • Fixes an issue where signing in with Windows 10 PIN does not work properly
  • Fixes an issue where the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) stops working
  • Fixes an issue with VR and Windows Mixed Reality Home where a push of a button breaks the experience
  • Fixes one problems with blurred text in the taskbar (news widget)
  • Fixes an issue with the taskbar graphics in the taskbar with certain screen resolutions
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from logging on to Windows with a fingerprint reader
  • Fixes one audio problems when using Dolby Digital 5.1 in certain situations

For more information and more details, you can read more about the update at Microsoft official support page.

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