Xiaomi demonstrates next-generation wireless charging

Xiaomi demonstrates next-generation wireless charging

Charging wirelessly can have taken a step further with the Xiaomi Air Charger that can charge devices from several meters.

Xiaomi has always been good at being at the forefront of new technology and now they can really be at the forefront when it comes to wireless charging.

Air Charger is their latest innovation that will make it possible to charge your phone from several meters away from the charger, in short, you can have this device in a room and sit on the couch to charge the phone.

This is possible because the Air Charger has 144 antennas that send millimeter waves using beamforming, so this will not work on all phones but only with compatible phones, the power should be around 5W which is still quite ok considering the distance as the charger actually manages.

When and if we get to see the Air Charger become a reality remains to be seen, but it is clearly an interesting technology that I hope can get rid of.
Have a charger in the room which in turn charges all compatible devices.

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