Your Playstation 4 may become unusable if the internal clock stops working

Inside your Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro is a small battery that will prevent the internal clock from stopping ticking. When the battery no longer has a charge, your Playstation console will become a terribly expensive paperweight.

The reason? According to hacker Lance McDonald, the internal clock is used to keep track of users so that they do not try to manipulate time and trick so-called Trophys into games.
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If the internal clock does not have a working battery, the console will refuse to work properly.

In the worst case, it could mean that all your games stop working completely if you do not have access to the Playstation Network. For Sony’s game service, the only way to correct an incorrectly set time in the game consoles.

This applies to both games that have been purchased digitally and those that are on disc. It makes no difference – you can not use them regardless.

All because of a small battery, which is admittedly relatively easy to replace, but which Sony seems perfectly okay with can control whether games work at all or not. Ouch there Sony. Ouch.

Note that there is no imminent risk that the problem will show up today. It is only if Sony decides to cut contact with Playstation Network that the big challenges will come. And then more than 100 million game consoles can be affected.
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Or, if hackers repeat their attacks from 2011 when the Playstation Network was down for 23 days, there is a risk that all game consoles will stop working even then.

At the time of writing, Sony has not commented on the information provided by Lance McDonald. It remains to be seen if they think the risk is as great as he does.

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