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Best Free Tools To Create Digital Content

best free tools to create dgital content

Do you think you know everything about free tools to create effective digital content?

I bet you don’t know even a third of the useful tools that I will introduce to you today. With them, you can create quality content that attracts followers and an audience for your brand.

Tools for creating animated videos

The research found that videos with animated (not static) objects and characters increased conversions for sites that used them by up to 20%.

The reason is that animated videos capture attention more efficiently and are much more entertaining.

Do you desire to make your brand more attractive and improve conversions? Use videos with animations with the tools that I will teach you next:

1) Biteable

If you are looking for a web application to create professional-looking videos with animations, then Biteable is what you need.

With this tool, you will have more than 85,000 short clips and thousands of templates ready to use to create original animations.

Its interface is simple and very intuitive. It is worth mentioning that its free version is quite limited: you can only create five clips for free.

2) Boomerang

Boomerang is a short video creator with which you can make fun clips with your mobile device. It is actually a very fun video recorder.

With Boomerang, you can also create videos by uploading photos and through the fun options that they offer you with their options.

Not very useful for projects where there is no room for fun; however, if not, you will be able to create fun clips with it. By the way, you must have an Instagram account to start using it.

3) FlexClip

Another free tool to create video content is FlexClip. Although it has a limited number of video creations in its free version, it has a lot of predesigned templates and options with which you will create interesting animated videos.

4) Moovly

Another tool for creating animated videos, much like Powtoon, is Moovly. Although it should be noted from now on that its free version has a lot of limitations: videos of only 3 minutes and an annoying watermark.

However, it has a lot of templates, and it is also very easy to use: you only have to drag images.

5) iMovie

A very complete and beautiful tool for creating videos is iMovie.

The only “downside” of this tool is that it can only be used on Mac and iOS, where its use is free.

It is a complete tool with thousands of options, a pity that it is not officially available for Windows.

6) WeVideo

This is another tool that offers a lot of options and modalities to create attractive videos. I do not compare it with iMovie because I would be lying. But it is a complete tool, and the best thing: it is available for Windows.

7) Magisto

If you want to create quality videos, I recommend a tool that differs from the typical ones, and Magisto is good at this.

With Magisto, you will create interesting videos through its “emotion detection” technology, functionalities based on artificial intelligence, which detects the emotional context of your video.

Magisto detects the predominant emotions of your video and offers music and effects according to them.


This is another powerful video creation tool: it has a library of over 300 million short videos, plus thousands of images and soundtracks.

Its handy editor allows you to customize videos easily. You can give it the style you want through colored texts and filters.

9) Icecream

If you need a fairly simple and easy-to-use video editor, I recommend Icecream, a very simple and totally free editor.

It doesn’t have many features. However, you will be able to trim videos, add texts, make image slides, and more.

Content writing tools

Written content has great potential that few know. With it, you can boost your business on the web. It is content that is very easy to create and that users like a lot. For that reason, we will leave some tools that will help you create written content.

10) Google Docs

Google’s text document editor is a wonderful tool for writing articles:

Everything you write is automatically saved.

It is very fluid. And it does not seem like an online tool.

It is complete.

You can access your texts from any device by logging in: computer, tablet, mobile, etc.

You can collaborate with other shared articles in real-time.

11) Evernote

This resource for writing notes is one of the best free tools for creating digital content. Like Google Docs, you can use it to write articles, though as a writer with 8 years of experience (personally), it’s more useful for jotting down ideas throughout the day.

Are you on public transport and have a brilliant idea for an article? Turn on your phone and jot it down in Evernote.

In its free version, you can use it on up to two different devices.

12) Grammarly

I only recommend this tool for those who write in English and need a proofreader to improve their writing in that language.

With Grammarly, your texts in English will be free of spelling, grammatical, and syntactic errors. It also fixes style errors.

Its free version is quite limited, and to use it in its maximum splendor, you will have to pay for it.

13) CoSchedule

This oddly named tool can literally change your life :

It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to schedule your posts, and keep an organized calendar on your posts. It also has a headline qualifier that will indicate the quality of the post titles.

Tools for image design

Images are an attractive resource for readers. A text with images will be quite entertaining for readers and will encourage them to consume more of your content.

14) Canva

Surely you have already heard about this wonderful tool, which, in my opinion, its creators should win a Nobel Prize for making life easier.

Canva is an online image editor with which you can make visual creations at a high-quality level:

The magic of this tool is in the large number and models of templates that it has. It is a very complete and easy-to-use editor, and you don’t have to download anything to start using it.

15) Adobe Spark

This online design tool is one of the alternatives to Canva. Through it, you can create online publications: for social networks, covers, stories, and more.

The large number of templates it has is cool, in addition to its intuitive interface, without ignoring how easy it is to use.

16) Photograph

This tool promises to be “photoshop” online. The truth is that it is a fairly advanced image editor with which you can make more sophisticated designs.

If you have a job that you are not able to do with Canva because it is a bit advanced for that tool, try Fotor.

It has a good amount of resources and options for an online tool. In addition, it is quite easy to use.

17) Pixlr

This is another free tool to create content that promises to be a Photoshop alternative.

It’s an online tool, and personally, I wouldn’t compare it to Photoshop, which is quite an advanced editor, but I would rate it as one of the best online editors.

It has quite complete functions and is also very easy to use.

18) Stencil

This is another online editor with loads of templates, which could very well be a lesser alternative to Canva (although, in my case, I would only switch to Canva when all options are exhausted).

It has a lot of templates and is very easy to use. You can use it completely online without the need to download anything.

Tools to create infographics

If you want your texts to be more readable and draw the attention of your audience, use infographics.

Infographics are images that contain large amounts of information, such as tutorials and guides. They are perfect for transmitting any type of information. They also rank very well on Google.

I personally think that the Canva tool with its templates is the best option to create infographics; however, there are other options worth exploring:

19) Infogram

Infogram is a popular tool for creating infographics.

Contains dozens of templates, charts, and maps ready to use.

It has a very intuitive interface and is very easy to use; you practically just have to drag and drop!

20) Vengeance

This infographic maker tool will allow you to create persuasive content to lead your audience where you want.

It has a large number of options, graphics, icons, and colors.

21) Visme

A tool with many options and very complete with which to create infographics is Visme.

It has thousands of templates, content blocks, and color schemes and has a library of images, icons, charts, and images.

22) Easily

If you need a really nice and practical template tool for any project, Easelly is an option.

It is ideal for eye-catching and animated templates.

23)Online Calculator provides you with free calculators related to health math, finance, and many other calculations. calculator online is a top-ranked website in 2022.

24) Google Charts

More than a tool to create templates, Google charts is an application to represent web statistics.

It is ideal for showing statistics to your audience in a much more graphic way.

At Last

Do you know another free tool to create digital content? Remember to comment and share with us.

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