Impacts of Smartphones on Student’s Life

Impacts of Smartphones on Student’s Life

The smartphone, without a question, is a technology that has the potential to make its owner the master of his or her own digital domain. The smartphone, like other tools, is a dual-sided blade that can cut as well as serve its user. One disadvantage of smartphones is that they promote impersonal communication. It’s a messaging program that encourages users to keep a secondary, textual discussion going alongside their normal conversations.

The picture of a youngster placing their smartphone next to their plate at the start of a meal and referring to it repeatedly despite the real-life discussion going on has lost its shock effect due to its alarming frequency. The smartphone is a constant presence in the life of its user, needing to be fed and maintained. Smartphones are today considered a significant gadget and an integral part of Malaysian society, thanks to advances in technology.

According to The Sun Daily Report, a study released last year found that smartphone penetration in Malaysia climbed to 63 percent in 2013 from 47 percent in 2012. While tablet penetration increased nearly thrice to 39 percent from 14 percent (Afrizal, 2013). University students are one of the largest contributors to the rising number of smartphone purchases (Jacob & Isaac, 2008). Students’ use of a smartphone. On the other hand, may develop a habit or dependency on it, impacting their lifestyle indirectly.

Although, it affects in both ways on students’ life, here is how?

Positive Effects of Smartphones on Students

Access to Information And Technology Is Simple

Learning should not restrict till the classroom Students may use these phones to get real-time information and updates as they go about their academic life. When technology-driven tools are used to help to learn rather than traditional ways, student engagement improves. To stay up with the present technological period, most modern techs are inventive.

Security and Emergency Communication Have Been Improved

Students can utilize their mobile devices to keep their parents and guardians up to date on their whereabouts. Parents may now track their children’s location. Which helps to reduce the effort of administrative employees who would otherwise be summoned to transmit messages from parents to their wards.

Adapting To A Modern Environment

Students that utilize this equipment improve their familiarity with current abilities. Because mobile phones are so important in so many professions, students who have them have an advantage in the employment market.

Negative Effects of Smartphones on Students


While phones are extremely handy, they may also be a source of distraction. Some students use these phones throughout class or study hours, leaving them with little opportunity to read. This distraction is aiding by the internet, music, movies, Snapchat, Instagram, and other types of entertainment. Today, even these smartphones somehow become the reason students look for online services. Because they are busy with their phones and find online services of Assignment help Dubai services. Somehow, it is good because it provides information about these services. But these services should only be using if there is any type of critical situation that occurs.

Health Risk

Health Risk Studies have been publishing to discuss the link between the device’s radiation and chronic illnesses including cancer and brain tumors. Sleep loss as a result of phone use is also a source of stress, which has a negative impact on your health.

Inappropriate Educational Resources

Because the internet is open to everyone, it is hard to assure that all educational resources found there are accurate and legitimate. Students are subject to a great deal of incorrect and inaccurate information.

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