Philips Hue 4.0 is here – all the news (June 2021)

The Philips Hue app for Android and iOS has been updated. The new version 4.0 is a complete overhaul with a new look and improved features.

  • Much faster with increased performance
  • Reworked interface
  • More and more advanced features

This is the Philips Hue app
With the Philips Hue app, you control all the smart home gadgets included in the Hue series. These are mainly different types of light sources and lamps, but also accessories such as motion sensors and smart plugs for power sources. The Philips Hue app is available Android and iOS.

The news with Philips Hue 4.0

Among the big news for the Philips Hue app, we find better performance that makes the app feel more responsive than before. The new interface makes transitions between tabs and when you press buttons, it feels like the app works quickly.

The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to use. Users do not have to push themselves as much in menus to find the most important things in the Hue app. Among other things, version 4.0 has new views to help you get it right.

The biggest change (and perhaps most important) is that the home screen now houses all the most important settings for your lamps.

Automations can be done with advanced

Automation, formerly called routines, has also been redesigned. Now you can create advanced event schedules for your light sources and lamps. Philips has also added so-called “geofencing” which means that all lights can be turned off when no one is home. Philips has also added better guidance for new users who want to use the power of automation.

What is geofencing?
Geofencing is to digitally delimit different areas, or fence them. It can be used to automatically keep track of people in the home. If everyone leaves the digitally fenced area, lights can be turned off, an alarm sounded or a message sent to selected contacts. As a simple example.

A very important and exciting news is that the Hue app finally supports more than one Hue Bridge. You can add more Bridge devices directly via the app, which increases the possibilities for smooth control of smart lights, light sources and accessories.

For example, you can use a Hue Bridge for outdoor lighting and one for indoor lighting. Or why not control a Hue Bridge that stands in the cottage?

Other exciting news and improvements to the new Philips Hue app

  • The Hue app can now be used

Update Hue Bridge to use the new Hue app

Note that you may need to update your Philips Hue Bridge before you can use the Hue app after installation to version 4.0. You will then receive a message in the Hue app about this. Follow the instructions and it will be quick and easy. Allow up to 10 minutes to update your Hue Bridge.

The last major update was Philips Hue 3.0. That version was released in May 2018. A lot has happened since then, of course, and we recommend that you download (or update) the latest version as soon as you can to take part in all the news.

Read more about the new version at Philips official website. The Philips Hue app is available Android and iOS.

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