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Test: Electronic voice translator Vasco Translator M3

Test: Electronic voice translator Vasco Translator M3


Test: Electronic voice translator Vasco Translator M3

Paid collaboration with Vasco Electronics, the post contains advertising links.

Have had a lot of fun for a while with an electronic voice translator named Vasco Translator M3. We like to travel a lot in the family (so pre-corona ..) so look forward to having this with us next time we are out in the world. A small and flexible mojäng with free connection and several fun features such as the obvious voice translation, also photo translation and functions for long distance calls and conferences.

In my video below, I show the product, test run several different functions and list what I think are the most important “pros & cons”. In addition to what is mentioned in the video, it is good to know that the menus in the unit itself are available in different languages ​​and it is built on 6 different translation engines to get as high accuracy as possible in the voice translation.

Included in the package

When you buy Vasco Translator M3, you get some belongings in the box. What is included is below:

  • Vasco Translator M3
  • Protective plastic cover
  • Wrist strap
  • Charger and charging cable (USB-C)
  • International SIM card (pre-installed)

There is also a relatively well-developed manual which is available on Vasco’s website for those who want to dive a little extra, or alternatively think a little extra about something special. You can also ask me questions of course, just drop a comment below!

Technical specifications

Screen 240 * 320 QVGA 2.0 ”IPS
Processor MT6737V / WM Quad-core CA53 1.1GHz
Modem 4G
WiFi 2.4 GHz
Battery 1700 mAh
Size 49 x 125 x 13 mm
Weight 88 g
Headphones input 3.5 mm
USB input USB Type-C

  • User friendly

  • Affordable

  • Hardware

  • Display

  • Protection


Vasco Translator M3 is a flexible electronic voice translator with well-thought-out functions. In addition to the translation itself that you expect, there are custom functions for, for example, long-distance calls and photo translation that are easy to use. It comes in different colors, support for +70 languages ​​and with free connection in over 200 countries. New languages ​​are coming gradually, which makes it a little extra affordable. A perfect companion on the journey.


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