Time for a new character for Apex Legends

Time for a new character for Apex Legends

Now Valkyrie has got a little review that will be the new playable character for season 9 in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is approaching season 9 and one of the big news is that we get a new character to play, Valkyrie. In the new trailer, we get to see what Valkyrie stands for and what abilities the character has.

  • Passive: Vtol Jets – Use Valkyrie’s jetpack to reposition or reach high places when scouting out foes.
    Jet fuel will be limited, but refills over time
  • Tactical: Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy
  • Ultimate: Skyward Dive – Take to the skies to reposition long distances across the map with the option for squadmates to join in.

Apex Legends season 9 kicks off on May 4.

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